The Nuxeo to SAP Commerce Connector enables SAP Commerce users to work with Nuxeo’s enterprise DAMS in place of its own inbuilt media management system. The key business benefit is to effect the management of digital assets as a separate enterprise process on a par with eCommerce, not a sub-process, but strategic in itself. SAP Commerce product managers and administrators can now access digital assets in Nuxeo direct from the SAP Commerce Backoffice Administration console. SAP Commerce sites can directly access Nuxeo Assets in real time. A core feature of the Connector is its auto-migration tool, which enables existing SAP Commerce digital assets to be very simply migrated to Nuxeo. The Connector’s code exists on the SAP Commerce side. All that is required in Nuxeo is some limited configuration.

The Connector enables a two-way integration between SAP Commerce and Nuxeo DAM with minimal overhead in order to integrate processes across the two systems.

The main features of the Connector include

  • Integration with the existing SAP Commerce Media and Type system
  • Referencing of Nuxeo Published Documents as SAP Commerce Media instances with dynamic URL resolution
  • Upload of Nuxeo Documents through SAP Commerce Backoffice extension
  • Batch Migration and publishing of SAP Commerce Media to Nuxeo for initial setup

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